Product Care

  • Always keep the roses in the box
  • Always keep the box upright
  • Always keep the box away from sunlight
        X Do not cover the roses with the box lid
        X Do not water the roses
Additional info:
Regular roses:
Our regular roses last for up-to 5-7 days with proper care conditions undertaken.
Exclusive roses:
Our exclusive roses last for up-to 5-7 days. But what makes these roses ‘exclusive’ is that they undergo a special treatment of being foiled and spray-painted in their royal colours.
  • Always keep the rose in the box
  • Keep the rose away from sunlight to keep it safe
      X Do not water the rose
      X Do not cover the rose
Additional info:
Our Everlasting roses last for up-to 5 years! These are real roses that undergo special treatment in Ecuador, South America. They are non-scented and are kept in transparent acrylic boxes that are specifically aimed to add to their product life.