About Us

A Plush Affair

Meet Anmol Bajaj and Nydile Ranganath, two young women who decided to try something by thinking out of the box, except in this case they just ended up working with boxes, but not any ordinary box, a box of roses to be exact. This luxury brand didn’t have a glamorous beginning, starting off with the boot of their car, they made samples and just launched their brand,  fast forward few months this company has now settled into a boutique, that boasts top notch roses, unexpected colors, and a great team. This being a relatively new concept in India, they are committed to revamp the concept of the rose, which they believe has become overrated in the past few years. With Plush there is an added convenience while retaining the luxury and essence of the rose, just get a box of plush and keep it anywhere. Now say bye to bouquets because boxes of roses are officially in, and they aren’t planning to leave anytime soon.