Grow Green with Plush

Grow Green with Plush

Jun 10 , 2019


Nydile R


Climate change, deforestation, pollution, these are terms that all of us are aware of in the year 2019 and are constantly trying to battle it. Whether it is trying to save paper, recycling or stop using plastic, most of us are making an effort towards a clean green planet. We at Plush too, are doing our bit for the environment. As our Grow Green initiative for World Environment day, we are packing a special plantable sheet with seeds along with every Plush box that you order.

How does one use these seeds? It’s simple really! Once the roses wilt away, you will see a sheet with seeds at the bottom of the box. Take the sheet out and place it in a pot full of mud. Make sure you water it every day and after a while you’ll be sure to find leaves of either Basil, Spinach or Amaranth sprouting up. So there you have it, a box of beautiful roses that you ordered has now left you with a new kitchen herb that you can use!

Basil is a culinary herb which grows very well in the Indian climate. It is mostly used in Italian dishes like pasta and salads but you can even add it to your evening tea. Spinach is a plant we’ve all come across. You can use it in some of your curries and soups. Amaranth is similar to spinach and can be cooked in the same way, it adds a crisp texture to salads and curries. Each of these kitchen herbs are easy to maintain and they grow quite fast but one must remember to place it in sunlight, tend to it and water it daily.

So next time you order your favourite roses from Plush, be sure to check the bottom of the box once the flowers wither away for a small surprise! Planting these seeds not only gives you the benefit of growing your own herbs at home but also acts as your bit towards saving the environment. Let’s take a step towards change, let’s grow green. 


- Shruti Kondi

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